New Years Resolutions

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New Year, New start, New goals…. Why?

new years resolutionsAs we approach 1st January 2014 I’m sure many of you will be thinking about new year’s resolutions.

“This is the year I will lose weight.” “This will be the year I save money!” “I’ll try to spend more time with my kids”… Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves?

I have fallen victim to a new year’s resolution or two in the past and then, when I didn’t see them through, felt very disappointed and a failure to myself, which resulted in letting everything else go because there seemed no point. My view on resolutions has changed over the years. I don’t make them anymore.

Yes, this is a new year but it’s also a new day.

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Motivation – A little prod…

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At this time of year it’s always difficult to maintain a healthy motivation.. but, hey, let’s not get all English and speak negatively about the weather, we knew it was coming, we know where we live. We just have to get on and deal with it, use it for what it’s worth.

Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to get stuck in and achieve a good baseline for your goals.  Our body responds well to consistency and if you work hard now, you can reap the rewards come spring when you want to get out there and use the fitness you have gained, the weight loss you have achieved, or the strength for your sport.

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Fat or Sugar?

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“Eat butter and cheese not low-fat spreads, says heart specialist”

You may have seen on the news this morning the cardiologist that has spoken out about saturated fats.  Please read this article all the way through.  Its easy to selectively hear what you want to hear. Just listening to the headlines will not give you the understanding.

I too believe that sugar and trans-fat are the cause to the ever rising obesity epidemic, and we should always opt for full fat ‘natural’ products, however, i do not want to encourage you to eat a block of cheese or butter a day.  With moderation and balance obviously.  You also need to remember that a lot of cheese you get from the supermarket are processed.

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Post holiday fitness goals

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Summer holidays

I hope you have had a lovely summer holiday, whatever you got up to.

I had a wonderfully fun and restful break in Mallorca. There were tons of opportunities to keep active and soak up some well needed vitamin D – snorkelling, swimming and cycling to name a few!

Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end and the time to get back to work and school is upon us. Let’s embrace the good weather, the R&R and adventures and maintain this positive attitude and carry it forward from hereon. Remember that the body responds better to exercise when you have that positive mindset.

Get yourself back into your fitness routine by setting yourself a realistic goal for the next 3 months and sticking to it. Having a goal will give you the reason and the focus to reconnect with your training. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking..

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Early morning exercise

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Early morning exercise gives you a whole new way to wake up and kick-start your day in the best possible way.

Here’s some top tips for getting the most out of your session.

Fat burning benefits 

Training early in the morning is a great way to burn fat. Yes it is. Think about it. We worry, first thing, that we aren’t going to have enough energy to train on an empty stomach. But, guess where you have loads of lovely energy, all stored up, ready and waiting to be used? Read More

Can 3 minutes of High Intensity Training really improve my fitness?

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High Intensity Training has been a topical subject in the news recently, with new research claiming that just three minutes a week will give us longer and healthier lives.

The BBC2 Horizon documentary The Truth about Exercise covered some interesting physiological points about this, but my feeling is that it is easy to take some of them out of context.

What the telly said…


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Running: muscles, trigger points and release

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Intouchstudios running club

We are approaching the most popular time of year to start or restart our running training.

Whatever your running goals – training for an event, rehabilitation, muscular imbalance or conditioning your body for overall health – the continuous repetitive impact of running can be harsh on your body, so getting a good training plan in place is imperative.

Here are my top two recommendations for your training plan:

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Weight gain. Part 1 – Why I don’t struggle with weight gain.

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I read an article recently on obesity in young children.  You can view it here if you want to read it


To find that our obesity statistics are getting worse not only horrified me but also got me thinking about the way we are starting out in life.  Children at this age should not be obese.

As a nation we have become influenced, largely by the major manufacturers of junk food and quick fix fad diets sending us as a nation on a road to obesity.

What can we do about this? I can only draw on my own experience to share with you what I think needs to be done.

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